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Born in 1973 in Castelsarrasin, a small town in the south-west of France, I headed towards studies related to creation. First Plastic Arts at the University, then Interior Architecture, a job I practiced for about ten years.

I live and work in Castelnau d'Estretefonds, near Toulouse.​

In my paintings, I do not seek to represent what I see, but rather what I feel. 

My intention is to harness the energy of matter to arouse emotions in the viewer. I feed my painting with what I feel, an excess of emotions that make up my palette and are transcribed in my paintings. I try to speak to the body and its sensitivity to say the unspeakable, to show the world as I see it.

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I work by building up layers, which are spontaneous at first, and become more deliberate and textured as I approach the final touch. Each layer interacts with the one before it, hiding some elements and emphasizing others, to give a feeling of space and depth, to reveal a new reality.

I give form to emotions.

I use a singular medium, coffee, which acts as a catalyst. I superimpose it on acrylic paint, and spontaneously cracks appear, linked to the conflict between these two mediums. This released energy, shaped by the work of color and material, stimulates the perception that we have of things and generates emotions. Freed, these emotions give free rein to the imagination, leaving place for personal interpretation. Thus, I do not influence the reading, everyone can appropriate the painting and give it their own meaning.

Membre de l'association Ateliers Cub'ART - Albi

Ateliers Cub'Art est un regroupement d'artistes et artisans d'art qui œuvre pour la promotion et la valorisation des métiers liés à l'art. L'association a ouvert une galerie au 39, rue de l'Hôtel de Ville à Albi.

Membre de l'association Collection Priv'Art - Toulouse

L'objet de cette association est de promouvoir l’Art et les artistes au sein de l’entreprise.

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