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A Treasure in the Wardrobe




Old sheets


Mixed on sheets

stretched on a wooden frame

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A Treasure in the Wardrobe

A Treasure in the Wardrobe, that's what came to my mind when I discovered these old sheets at the bottom of the family closet. Sheets belonging to my grandparents, preciously kept in this cupboard, like a treasure. 

The decision to use this family and emotional heritage to transform them into supports for paintings was not easy for me.

Manage to restore all these sheets represent of the intimate, to make works charged with emotion.

What a pleasure for me to reclaim this heritage and share it with you, with tenfold emotion.

"An emotional heritage just waiting to be revealed."

Thick textures, mixes of materials, cotton, linen, hemp  embroidered initials, stigmata of past lives, holes, pieces of fabricmended, thick seams... 

A whole material that makes these sheets perfect supports for my paintings.

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