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Vice versa

I wanted to work with more intense colors, which my usual technique does not allow me. I chose to favor the color rather than the material by working on glass plates.


Vice versa







The choice of the glass support is not insignificant. We know that the shiny finish makes the colors more vivid, so I imagined a work with enhanced and protected colorsby its support.

I work on the back of the glass plate, always by accumulating layers, but the implementation process is reversed. The first layer placed on the glass plate corresponds to the last layer that I will have placed on a canvas. For that I had to analyze and break down the way I used to work.

Working on the back of the plate gives an inverse image of the final rendering. This forces me to check regularly by turning the plate over to ensure that the composition of the work is correct.


"I break down the work to reconstruct it according to its stages of construction, up to its origin."

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